About Me

 I was born an artist. I guess we all are in a sense because we, at that moment, have the ability to create anything since we are new… but I was born the arty art kind. I love to paint, draw, craft, sew.. creation of all kinds. Motherhood has been the most interesting of creations. It has woven me and I am weaving her. I keep this blog as a journal to myself to document and reflect upon parts of my life, but if others get something out of it, awesome. 

I have my bachelors in Fine Arts and am currently in the process of getting my License to Masters in early childhood education at Alverno college. I am inspired by all the constructivist theory and hope to authentically engage students by connecting with their needs and interests. I believe in integrating content across the curriculum, where learning is more important than what class period its suppose to be. I feel we need to stress the importance of community and culture and the understanding and membership of both. 


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