Zoe, I Love You

lATE 011Kids grow up so fast. Seems cliche when you hear it, but more and more I am feeling just how true it is. Zoe is a bit over two and a half right now.  These are the things I don’t want to ever forget, but since I cant remember where I put my keys I feel I better write it all down.

Zoe is so incredibly sweet. She loves to caress your face and tell you “your my friend”, “your nice” or “your cute”. Lately she will just come up to me while I am doing the dishes and say “Mama, I love you so much.” She is always talking about her family like this. She is happy all the time, with the exception of being tired or hurt. She has a better memory than anyone I have ever met. She loves to reminisce about all the wonderful things she has done in her life. She loves to use the words wonderful and precious. She has an amazing ability to communicate.

She still sucks her thumb, I don’t try and stop it, after all shes only two. She has yet to master the potty(to do with stomach issues.. dont give any baby anything but breast milk until they are one..don’t ruin that virgin gut! is what I wish I would have known). Lately, she likes to spend her morning watching She & Him music videos and commenting on Zooey Dechanel’s pretty dresses. Then she grabs a microphone and puts on some play shoes and sings for me. I have to watch the song “I Could’ve Been Your Girl” 5 times in a row. She loves shoes. No matter where she is she will find your shoes and try them on. She loves the Muppets and singing their show tunes and reenacting their skits.

She can count to ten, but more impressively she has a pretty good handle on 1-1 correspondence when it comes to counting to three. She recognizes an M as mmmm,,,,Mama! but that’s it for letters I haven’t really pushed it.  I have to read her a story and sing her songs every night before bed, her favorite song being about the moon and her favorite book being about Grandma’s cat. She loves dresses and skirts that spin. She would rather be outside all day finding worms, sliding, and playing in the sand. She often exclaims randomly that she is happy. She loves grocery shopping and the little carts that are provided.

When she meets kids she likes at the park she will caress their shoulder, give them a smile and want to kiss and hug them. She eats really well. She pretty much will eat anything offered, but loves mushrooms, chicken, and pasta. She is in love with Grumpy from Snow white thanks to her Grandpa and makes me pretend to be him, a lot. She asks me to play Taj Mahal in the car. She goes to bed really easy and comes into my room every morning to wake me by yelling “Get up Mama!” she loves to be buried in pillows. She has a special place in her heart for the men in her life. She loves to use watercolor and all other craftiness.

She loves going to the farm to run free and hopefully get rides in the RTV. She has figured out my phone and the Kindle. She wants to help all the time…with laundry, dishes, cleaning, carrying, and cooking. As she told my brothers girlfriend..she is not shy. She loves rides and spinning. She would be happy to swing for an hour. She is so proud she can hang clothes on her clothesline outside..even though her clothespins are always upside down. She hangs her clothes in such as way that makes me want to cry. She does everything with her whole heart.  She loves to “read”. She has a chair next to our bookshelf and once a day pulls out all her books. She loves building and figuring out how stuff works. She has an engineer brain like her Grandpas. She likes to play in the mirror..especially with sassy and grumpy faces.

She thinks everyone she is comfortable with is her best friend. She has at least ten stuffed animals in her bed right now. She loves to pick out her own clothes but can never truly decide on what she wants to wear….already? She loves dirt. Helping on the farm is super fun and she was such a big helper as we planted some Hastas….she looks at them every day and says “those look good” in a way that means they are looking healthy today….Sand. oh the endless sandbox. Water, just as good as sand. Running as fast as you can while giggling…the finest activity of all. Thank you large lawn. Park, Zoo, Library, Farmer’s Market are her hotspots. Puddles are also great. Oh if she could only drive the places she would go. Its hard not to let her play in my car.

Trains, triangles, shadows, flowers, gnomes, and magnets are marvelous….The campfire was recently discovered as a great way to get marshmallows. She is starting to create little stories revolving around everyday activities with her dolls. Music is her boyfriend. She would listen to anything I say if I sung it. She will “woo hoo” to the things in life adults would never, like they were to mundane or something, but to her its all magic. She loves to pretend to drape on my dress form and give her some furniture that needs assembling and she will be giddy. She is obsessed with all things poka-dot…..I could go on forever. I need no reasons to love her, I love her by cosmic cording forever.


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