Toddler Sorting

Keeping a two-year old busy can be fun. I try not to have her watch too much Shaun The Sheep on TV, but with unpacking a new house and setting up, I need to get creative to keep her occupied. I tried sorting with her today. Its developmentally appropriate at her age to do basic color sorting and it helps me reinforce her color vocabulary. I think next time I do this I will keep it to only three colors, but she did great for her first attempt. I started with a bowl of stuff, you know pom poms, legos, whatever I could find. Then, I scaffolded the idea to her by showing her what I was going to do with all the bowls and then sorted a few while thinking aloud.



Then this happened after we finished….

And this…

A good time. Sorting happened one more time as we put the objects away.


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