Our Tiny Boho House






Ok, its been way to long since I have blogged. Life is crazy with a two year old. I just finished student teaching last week, which is another post all together. Needless to say it was inspiring, frustrating, touching, and hard work. The only thing on my mind now though is our new house. This is our first house. I have wanted my own home my whole life. As an artist I need to create and destroy and recreate my environment constatnly. I call it putzin’. I am obsessed with making it as lovely as possible with no budget. I don’t mean I have an unlimited budget, I mean I have a zero budget. Its been interesting so far. I have been rediscovering what we have had in storage for over a year and I have to work with what I have plus some paint.

Why have I not needed my stuff for over a year? Well, My hubby, my daughter and I have been living with first my mother, then his parents for the last year. Its been quite the adventure. I will say it was nothing but wonderful living with my in-laws. They are incredibly welcoming and helpful. I mean I got to live on a 23 acre flower farm and summer was absolutely beautiful. I am going to miss long walks through the garden, exploring the barn, having big family dinners, playing outside all day without worry of cars or other people, and having my dogs run free as can be. I am so grateful for the opportunity to live on the farm and get to know my in-laws. I just am one of those who needs to be able to have creative freedom in my own space and make everything child friendly. I miss the farm, but am so excited about the possibilities here. I feel like I am not living off of anyone and I feel less of a child in my own house. I still want to have family dinners and let Zoe roam the farm, but thats the beauty of only being 20 minutes away.


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