Hi there readers. I have been missing here a long, long while. I finished up my last class before student teaching, which involved a huge portfolio. I am currently student teaching in a kindergarten classroom and loving it. I love designing lessons for students I have gotten to know well, I just dislike all the other work I have to do for the licensure part. But nothing worth it comes easy. I know I have picked the right profession because I never dread going to work and don’t mind waking up early. There is nothing boring or repetitive about teaching, so far….

I had to put my little one in daycare for the first time since student teaching (I know lucky me) but I was really worried for her. She had not had much experience with children and really has been a homebody for almost two years. Much to my surprise she fit right in and love love loves it! My daycare provider has been caring for children for over thirty years and never has more than eight children in her care. Zoe has so much fun that when I mention my care providers name she gets a big smile and shouts car seat! like she is all ready to go. It makes it so much less stressful that she has fun all day while I work. She gets to go to the library and on outings to pet goats and best of all her provider has a lego table. She is set. I don’t know what I would do if she cried everyday.





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