Much Needed Advice

So Zoe is beginning to test her boundaries, which is normal, but I had no tools for this next phase. Unlike my dogs when testing boundaries I cant just silently stand tall over her, poke her in the neck and make her sit until she is calm

I have read a lot about child development, but most the information starts at school age. I read a lot about newborn development, but nothing on toddlerhood. I bought this book (Parenting With Love and Logic) when I was pregnant, which I guess has been out forever, but I only bought it because I saw someone reading it at my midwifes office.

Let me explain. I was waiting for another wonderful peaceful visit in the maternity shop that connects to her office and the women who owns the shop had her two kids there that day. They were probably three to four years old and sitting nicley and sharing ever so well a healthy shrimp lettuce salad. I thought these kids are amazing. They are behaving, smiling, eathing healthy, and sharing without so much as a word from their mother. I then saw she was reading this book. So I ordered it.

I am only a quarter of the way through, but so far it makes so much sense and the things I tried are really sucessful. I instantly relate the information to all the developmental theory I have studied and think, duh, this is how children learn to make good decisions and take responsibility for themselves. I quickly identified my natural way to parent would have been the one where you are saving your child from situations to protect them all the time, out of love, but ends up teaching them nothing. I am glad I am reading this.

This is the start to creating a child who makes good decisions, has a good self image and knows that failure leads to learning. It will also confirms that I love her no matter what and I trust her. Now if I only can stop the yelling when things happen like toilet paper all over the house and use their “uh oh” song naturally.


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