18 Months





Happy 18 months bean sprout! I think I will forever keep saying this is the best age. She is showing her personality more and more and I am in love. She is a kind soul and hugs and kisses flow freely from her.  She wakes up full of joy and ready to play. she has a few new words since my last post where I needed to write down all the things she was doing to amaze me. She can say banana, down, help, more, please, Clover, Daisy (the dogs), new(nuebe the cat), mima, apple, ball.

She loves to use sign language since Grandma is fluent and does the signs for more, yes, and thank you(working on thank you a bit).  As you can see these are the necessary signs to  get the food she wants.  She goes to the fridge a lot and babbles randomly and then signs more. She is always snaking. If it were up to her she would only eat pickles, olives, and cheese (wait a minute this sounds a whole lot like my father) and drink OJ.

She has a new love for colored pencils and markers which she transports to various locations. She loves Elmo, but doesn’t watch tv all that much (when I cook). She still loves her books and I love hunting for new ones at the library. She can not use chalk, she eats it, but play dough is ok. She loves when her diapers come out of the dryer and she can play with all the parts. I could plop her in front of the dryer and she would play forever, but due to snakes in the new (very old)  basement we bring them upstairs at the new place. She is head over heels for POP! POP! POP! and shouts his name often. She sometimes calls him papa. or pama. There is a wedding picture of papa and I in her room and she often grabs it and hugs it while saying pop.  When we take walks on the farm I just tell her “lets go find Papa” and she starts moving.

She loves dirt. Freshly tilled is the best to run in. Dirt turns to great mud puddles after a rain, good for splashing. Rocks are always fascinating and of course kitties. She is also pleased when the Dandelions turn white and she can blow their seeds into the wind. She kisses both dogs on the mouth (eeew) and then higs them. Clover kisses back(eew).

I realize I can go on forever. So, happy 18th months Zoe! Mama is in awe of you!


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