Tumblin Baby




Today Zoe fell. Which is normal for a toddler,  but today it was not so good. She was sleepy which makes her clumsy and fell head first down the porch step into her rocking chair. Lucky for her only glue and no stitches. She was very brave and was treated to much pasta and pickles after(her faves).  This was minor, but makes me think how fragile everything can be and how we cant protect our children from everything as much as we would like to.  Also good to know where my emergency rooms are in this new town(nowhere) , we spent a lot of time figuring out where to go since we were unfamiliar. Since it wasnt bleeding too bad we went to urgent care on the west side of Madison…looks like my next birth may not be at home since the hospital is 40 minutes away. But thats putting my cart before the horse.


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