All Moved in….Sort of

Its been a week now since my husband, Zoe and I moved in to the family farm house. I no longer have access to a fancy camera so photos are on hold.  Things I have discovered thus far….

Daisy (my dog) prefers to smell of dead animal and poop

Zoe loves tractors and farm equipment

Farm cats go on walks with you then later refuse to be kicked off your bed

Its wonderful to have the hubby working in the high tunnels during the day so Zoe can pop in and give her love and play with dirt.

When you play outside all day because it beautiful and its spring break you never get laundry or homework done. Or when you have a 16 month old.

I miss having things close by….mostly thirft stores and a natural food store.

It is so amazing to be on the same sleep schedule as my husband.




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