Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

So, I have tried many all natural or organic deodorants because I want to stay away from synthetics and aluminum next to those precious glands, but it always seems those products out there don’t serve their purpose.  Here is what I found works amazing and you can make it at home from things in your cupboard.

Coconut oil not pictured in image below

You will need:

1C. coconut oil

3Tbls baking soda

3tbls organic corn starch (I use organic because I wanted to avoid high pesticide corn products)

Few drops favorite essential oil, I used meditation oil and lavender. Lavender is also a germ killer.

Create some containers to pour coconut oil in out of tin foil or use old baby food jars.

On low-med melt coconut oil until clear.  Add corn starch and baking soda and mix well. Add oils.

Pour into containers and refrigerate until solid.

Wrap bar of deodorant in wax lined freezer paper to create a “push up” type of pouch which makes it easy to roll on.

I first used the baby food jar, but taking some out and warming it on my palm before applying it was kinda a pain so I put it in the freezer paper pouch and can just roll it on. I keep that in a plastic bag just in case it gets too warm(coconut oil melts at a really low temp so if left in the sun it would turn to liquid again). I suggest keeping deodorant in the fridge unless in jar.


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