Time is a Flyin’

You always hear how fast the first years of your child’s life just fly by. No kidding! I cant believe how Zoe is no longer a baby and is now a toddler. I want to rememebr every moment and every sound, but most of all I just want thank the universe and my amazing husband for allowing me the oppurtunity to stay home and cherish these moments.  Zoe is now 16months old.

These are some things I want to remember

She can say: Hi, Shoe, Mom, Pop, Pup(loud and clear and whenever she hears a dog bark), Pig, Duck, Car(cock–>cah), Moo, Steve(Seeve), Cup, Block, Book(kinda),and her first of all words, Pickle.

She is a great walker and often runs too fast for her own good when she’s excited and falls, but recovers fast.  She loves the bath and puts her face in the water and lets me dump the bucket on her head. In fact I can ask her if she wants to take a bath and she’ll run upstairs and throw a washcloth in the tub. She has about ten teeth and working on two more. Her hair is just making it into pigtails. She always smells good. She loves to dance, I mean loves it.  She loves books and especiallly ones with babies and animals so she can kiss them. She loves to kiss and hug. I love when I’ll just be sitting watching her read and she’ll come over and kiss my leg and then go back to what she’s doing. She loves to grab a book and then try and turn around and sit in your lap so you can read it. She loves monkeys especially curious george and her stuffed lemur from her Grandpa. She is afraid of the cow on our kindle that moos, I mean she runs the other way, but kisses the cow in her book. She can drum and hammer. She loves wagon rides. Sometimes I can hear her having conversations with her stuffed animals as she wakes up and I just listen to the monitor for way too long.    She is a great eater(see post on baby led solids).  She decided to stop nursing on her own a few weeks ago and it was painless for me. She still naps two hours a day. She wakes up at night twice a week and is hungry and sometimes wants to play. She loves the outdoors and loves to pick up rocks, wood chips, and dirt and move them to a new location. She doesn’t think a swing is all that great. I think she would explode in happiness if she got to play with another kid her age.  She waves to ever child she sees and says “hi”.  We tried a play date with a friends three year old but she was unsure why Zoe kept wanting to kiss and hug her and why she took her blueberries……Im sure I could go on and on. I just want to never forget these things as she continues to amaze me.  She’s my little schmoop and I love her.


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