Zoe, Lets Eat!

My Mother has been on this alkaline program to balance the PH in her body and wheat is something to avoid….but not all wheat, I guess spelt flour is better for your body to process so I was experimenting with it and made a pancake recipe everyone loved, which means Zoe too!

Spelt Pancakes

1c spelt flour (found in the bulk section of my local health food store)

1Tbs Baking Powder

dash salt

1Tbs Coconut oil melted

1Tbs xilosmart (xilotol sugar substitue from birch bark)

1C or more of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Zoe loved hers with bananas and some plain yogurt on top…Im a syrup kind of gal.


Another one of Zoe’s new favorite dishes is this thing I made up the other day…kind of like a burrito mix.

1lb grass fed ground beef

1red pepper chopped or sliced

1 green pepper chopped or sliced

half and onion



dash of ancho chili

I just cooked it all in a skillet the beef first with the onion then adding the rest. She loved it and wanted seconds….along with this meal…

1c cooked quinoa

black beans

cherry tomatoes cut in half




dash chili powder

This is the vegetarian version of the previous dish, and I liked is just as much wrapped in a tortilla with some crunchy lettuce and sour cream.

Papa make a great sesame chicken that Zoe cant get enough of

1lb ground chicken

1 onion



sesame oil

rice wine vinegar

black pepper

green peppers is you have them(chopped)

basmati or jasmine rice

Papa does not measure anything but don’t over do it on the sesame oil or vinegar because they can be over powering and make sure to use the food processor for the ginger before adding it.  He starts with the chicken and cooks it with the ginger onion and garlic, he adds the oil and vinegar along with the peppers next. Once the peppers are a bit soft he will add in the cooked rice.



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