Baby Chiropractor

I consider myself a fairly open and logical person so with the right amount of research I find myself trying all sorts of things. I researched birth and ended up with a home water delivery, but it seemed my research stopped as soon as my little one entered this world. So I found myself dumbfounded and overwhelmed at what to even do with a little newborn.

I was lucky to have a midwife, who has seen many births, present for Zoe’ birth because without her  wisdom I would have never known anything was off with my daughter . She had mentioned that her alignment in her head seemed to be a bit off (after a 30 hour struggle through the canal starting off sunny side up).  She suggested I get a chiropractor  to come to my house as soon as possible.

I have never heard of  anyone performing such things on a newborn and had images of my precious Schmoopi with her bones cracking. She assured me it is common and would really help. I was having trouble nursing her on one side and she suspected that was also related. Well it just so happened my mother was looking into a chiropractor for my sister to help her with some mental problems, something to do with moving the spinal fluid about, and had conversations with a Dr. weeks before on how she works on kids all the time. So the universe had perfectly lined me up with what was to be the best thing I could have done for my baby.

Day two of Zoe’s life she got a home visit from a chiropractor. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was placing my trust in my midwife that there was something to all of this. Well Dr. Heather showed me how Zoe couldn’t turn her head as well one way and she could tell it was off  just by looking. She gently took the tips of her pinkies and massaged her neck for a few minutes and Zoe seemed to like it. She also slowly moved the head plates around to give her a nice round head (it was really crazy form the birth). Not long after I went to nurse Zoe and sure enough she could nurse effortlessly on the side that troubled her so much earlier. I felt relief.

I couldn’t imagine not knowing all of this and seeing my baby in pain and perhaps even having to give up breastfeeding. I wonder sometimes that perhaps she would have had more problems if that very helpful spinal fluid that carries brain cells couldnt flow properly.  The universe or god or whatever you may call it sure was looking out for this new little life.


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